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The Black Pocket Talks Black Panther (Ep. 083)

In this very special episode of Reality Breached, Robert Morris takes the reigns to give us a taste of his brand-new Podcast, The Black Pocket. He is joined by his cast-mates Justin Ransburg and Ryan (Donche) Weary, to dive deep into the latest Marvel masterpiece, Black Panther. This episode CANNOT be missed!


The Rule of Two (Ep. 082)

Its once again time to talk about sports! Jarreous Thomas, of the Negro Justice League, is back to talk about the fantastic end of the NFL season and the perplexing state of the NBA. This one is fun, check it out!


Recasting the X-Men (Ep. 081)

Episode #081 has the Rebre crew taking on the monumental task of recasting the X-Men Movies. With Disney’s purchase of 20th Century Fox there will inevitably be a new X-men series, and apparently, it’s up to us to cast a blockbuster. These exercises are always fun, and let’s say, this list goes places! Check it out and don’t forget to subscribe.