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Ep. #049 – Trailer-Gate

It’s summer movie trailer season, and we can’t talk enough about two of the biggest up-coming films of 2016. We pick apart the new Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice trailer and Captain America: Civil War. Punches are thrown in this potato chip filled two man cast. Enjoy!


Reality Breached 043 – Games and News and Games

We bid adeiu to Wha’cha’ Playin’ and chat about games, discuss the relaunch of Rock Band and Sergio plays all of the games. No, You didn’t miss 10 episodes, we’re just starting a new numbering system. There have been 43 distinct Rebre episodes including the 10 Wha’cha Playins. With the retirement of that distinction, those 10 eps are being rolled into the total. It’s time to get confusing ya’ll.