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My Zune Has Died, Now What?

You didn’t read that wrong, yeah own a Zune. I know it hasn’t been relevant in over 5 years, and I know physical media players are a thing of the past, but let’s move past that. I loved that thing and It recently had a catastrophic hard drive crash.


Modern Combat 4, GTA, the MOGA Pro, and a Predictable Samsung/Google Play/C-Spire Fail

I started this as a review of the mobile game Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour. All I wanted to do was play it on my Samsung Galaxy S3 with the MOGA Pro Controller Techpedition was recently sent. I had also intended on writing a review of the controller itself, but the wonderful world of Android gaming made the whole project a bit harder than you can imagine. Let’s break down the parts of the kerfuffle and where everything fell apart, and see how and if I put them back together.


Puzzle Agent 2 Review

Last year, Puzzle Agent was released to little fan fare. Critics seemed to like it, but with huge marquee titles coming from Telltale in Back to the Future and Jurassic Park, it was easy to ignore.