2017 Rebre Music Awards (The Rebreys) – Day 4

Day 4 is all about songs! 4 categories of songs, Best Pop, Best Rock, Best Punk, Best Alt/Rock, this is probably my favorite day of the Rebreys. Enjoy, and make sure to check out the runners-up, too.

Best Pop Song
Taylor Swift – …Ready For It?
Kesha – Learn to Let Go
Niall Horan – Slow Hands (Winner)

Pop ladies had a great year, Swift, Kesha amongst many others had some hot bangers released, but “Slow Hands” takes the crown as the pop song with the most going for it. It mixes a catchy hook with the sultry mood of an R&B song and the cool confidence of a crooner.

Best Rock Song
Nothing But Thieves – Sorry
Foo Fighters – La Dee Da
John Mayer – Helpless (Winner)

John Mayer’s return to form this year was one of the most refreshing things in music. Nothing But Thieves made their mark with several solid tracks and La Dee Da is Dave Grohl’s screaming at its best. “Helpless” is an effortless jam that oozes a laid back self-reflective vibe that is perfect for both the Mayer we know and love and the chaos that was 2017.

Best Punk Song
Falling in Reverse – Coming Home
The Maine – Black Butterflies and Deja Vu
All Time Low – Nightmares (Winner)

Twas a good year for punk music. All sides of the genre had quality releases, and The Maine and Falling in Reverse’s albums were loaded. “Nightmares” isn’t only the best Punk song this year, it could be the best song in All Time Low’s career.

Best Alt/Rock Song
The Night Game – The Outfield
Imagine Dragons – I Don’t Know Why
Nothing More – Don’t Stop (Winner)

The Alt-Rock genre kinda suffers from including a wide swath of artists. Nothing More is arguably a metal band, or maybe even a prog rock band, but for award purposes this year they are an alt-rock band. “Don’t Stop” is fierce in a way most songs this year just weren’t. Its bass line is biting and the band has never sounded more cohesive. On a side note, The Night Game might be my favorite new band.

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