Sony’s Big(gish) Announcements at Playstation Experience 2016

Sony held its annual Playstation Experience this weekend and it looks like they are trying to make it their own little Winter E3 because the announcements that came out of it were both huge and surprising. Here are Rebre’s hot takes on what came out of the Playstation Experience.

Marvel Vs Capcom: Infinite
This was heavily rumored all week and the rumors seem to have been spot on. MVC4 is definitely a big deal, but it dropping the mutants from X-men makes this announcement sting quite a bit. Its seems to be the next in a long series of steps Marvel has taken to shut off the Fox owned X-Men from all projects until they get the movie license back. Having that as a subtext here hurts both the game and the announcement, but if you saw X-men Apocalypse, it might actually make sense.

Uncharted: Lost Legacy – Standalone DLC
Uncharted 5 may never happen, so this standalone piece will probably do us good for awhile. Its also really cool to see Chloe getting some action, considering she was completely absent from the main game.

Last of Us Part II
This was the most no-brainer announcement made during the keynote. It only makes sense for Naughty Dog to be working on Last of Us Part II. Also the most satisfying part of this announcement is that the playable character is Ellie. The reverence for the first game basically guaranteed it would have a sequel, regardless of how mixed my emotions were on it.

Death Stranding Details
Death Stranding continues to be shrouded in mystery, but now we know that Guerrilla Games (makers of Killzone and Horizon: Zero Dawn) are helping with the development. This might be the best case scenario for the project as Guerrilla’s games have always been beautiful, but bland. Kojima’s games may be a lot of things but bland is never one of them.

Parappa, Wipeout, Patapon, and LocoRoco Remakes
Sony is catching the Nintendo bug and dipping into the well to pad out their release lineup. I’m told these games are fan favorites. I have yet to see any actual evidence of that. Wipeout will probably look really cool though.
Crash Bandicoot N-Sane Trilogy
This has been a long time coming. The Crash games are finally old enough for real nostalgia to have set in. The few hints that something was up with the character have been met with huge applause and endless rumors. Sadly, its clear no one has actually gone back to play those old CB games. They weren’t very good then and they’ve only gotten worse with age. Its going to take alot of polish to bring them into a modern state.

Lara Croft Go Coming to PS4 and Vita
This is cool news for two reasons. Square Enix’s GO series is super popular and for it come to Playstation platforms is a smart move, but it being released on the all but dead Playstation Vita is incredibly inspired.

Let it Die, Launched as Free Game
Grasshopper’s first PS4 game is free on PSN right now. I don’t know if that says more about Grasshopper or PSN, but hey, its free so try it out, why not?

Knack 2
Hmmmm…I’ve played Knack, and this decision baffles me. That game, while totally playable, was boring and disappointing. The numbers I’m finding online are saying it sold 1.73 million copies. I can’t imagine that’s a huge success. Who knows, maybe over at Sony Mark Cerny has more pull than we know. In other news, this announcement literally made me laugh out loud.

Windjammers Remake
What can I say, I NEVER thought I would hear of a Windjammers remake. I’ve heard its a cool game, but it being a Neo-Geo release pretty much assured I would never play it. Apparently, Giant Bomb’s pull in the #buildingthelist crowd is real or them being close with Sony brass (Gio Corsi, John Drake and Matt Kessler*) finally paid off. Honestly, this announcement came off as the best punchline to the biggest Giant Bomb joke ever. Congrats guys, it doesn’t really matter if this remake is good, you can chalk this up as a win.

*Full sarcasm is meant when saying Kessler is “Sony Brass”.

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