Welcome to RealityBreached.com

Reality Breached has claimed its independence and been released into the world! For those of you that are not familiar with us, we are a podcast that was previously hosted on Techpedition.com. I’m eternally grateful for Techpedition’s support and I’ll probably continue contributing to that wonderful site, but my new home is here Realitybreached.com.

The core team on the podcast is Reid Walker, Josh Alcaraz, and Me (Sergio Lugo II). I’m the host/editor/producer and they are the idea men/color commentary. We are 60 episodes (or 4 seasons) in, all of which live here at realitybreached.com and we are ready to hit the ground running.

I’ve got some great ideas, and some fun people with which to execute them. The first 4 four seasons can be found under the Episodes tab and future episodes will hit realitybreached.com as they are released. We will still focus on Video Games and Movies, but we’ll probably expand to cover more aspects of pop culture. I’ve got my eyes on Music!

I’m still organizing things on the site, so you might see slight changes here and there but set your RSS feeds and Facebook pages to catch our posts. Reality Breached in the wild, who knows what it will get into?

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  1. Robert Graham says:

    Why did You guys just Breach my Reality? You own that record.