Ep. #031 – 2015 Movie Preview


Reality Breached is an in-depth look at the Video Game industry and its business practices. Our pundits break down parties involved and give their stance on pressing industry trends. It’s time to get deep ya’ll.

Episode Cast

Sergio Lugo II, and Jordan Hillhouse

Episode Summary

Movie expert Jordi returns with a preview of what we can expect at the box office this year in. we talk Avengers, Star Wars, Fantastic Four, Paranormal Activity, Spectre, and many many many more.

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  1. Honestly J.J. Abrams is all you need to be excited about the new Star Wars movie. And hopefully this is the movie that will change with the way movies are being made now. The biggest issue with the prequels is that they were still made like a movie from the 1980’s (script-wise).