Reality Breached 006 – I’m a Gamer

Reality Breached is an in-depth look at the Video Game industry and its business practices. Our pundits break down parties involved and give their stance on pressing industry trends. It’s time to get deep ya’ll.

Episode Cast

Sergio Lugo, Reid Walker, and Josh Alcaraz

Episode Summary

Do you call yourself a gamer, do you call other people gamers, and what do you mean when you do it? Josh ruffles Sergio’s feathers in what is the most “Reality Breachy” episode yet. Oh yeah, and Reid’s there too! Don’t miss the first episode where it is clear that Sergio is most certainly the “crazy” one.


  1. Beth Davis says:

    If you bake from time to time doesn’t make you a baker.  I agree with Sergio.  Just because I play video games, doesn’t make me a “gamer”.  As a female, I get the nickname of “gamer girl” but I don’t mind it.  I don’t call myself that, though.

  2. Desira says:

    Josh is a comedian. He drinks Mountain Dew. He plays video & online games…his sons are emo. He is decorating his water closet in Mario. He wears shirts that depict games. He subscribes to magazines about games. I always saw him as a “GAMER”..and then he pierced his nipples! Now I see him as a UNIQUE human being:) Sergio..the 1st step to healing is to accept a GAMER! 🙂  Remember: Gamers have bigger joy sticks! Bottom line is I laff my ass off listening to you gam…er I mean umm..BREACHERS! Yeah breachers..there ya go:)  NERDGASMS …next show ok??