Reality Breached 005 – Breaching Christmas!!!!

Reality Breached is an in-depth look at the Video Game industry and its business practices. Our pundits break down parties involved and give their stance on pressing industry trends. It’s time to get deep ya’ll.

Episode Cast

Sergio Lugo, Reid Walker, and Josh Alcaraz

Episode Summary

Take a detour with us as we talk Christmas Video Game memories! Grab your snowman sweaters, track down that green scarf your aunt gave you for Christmas last year, brew up some hot cocoa, and keep the cat from climbing the tree, because were coming at you with a holiday special!

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  1. I’m kinda shamed to say that I started pop-locking when I heard this intro. 

    1. Desira says:

      hahahah aint no shame in pop rockin!! Im still reeling over SANTA LUGO! HAHAHAHHAHHA