The Amazing Spider-man Trailer Revealed!!

It looks like The Amazing Spider-man is shaping up to be a very different movie. I have been very vocal about how right I think Andrew Garfield is for Peter Parker and this first trailer, not teaser, a full-on trailer, only further proves my point.

Check out the Comic-con trailer below before it hits the show floor.

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  1. Aaron Leggett says:

    Cool.  I’m not really keen on comic lore.  What’s the difference between This Movie and the other 3?

  2. Yeah, this first trailer look amazing. Looks darker than the other movies too. I get a Batman begins vibe.

    Oh, I almost forgot to mention the Mirror’s Edge free-running perspective… Kinda cool.

  3. Carl Minor says:

    Yeah it is too close to Mirror’s Edge;  Almost litigation-y close.